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Raising Radiant and Healthy Children…one mom’s story.

Updated: Mar 11

I have three amazing boys. They are truly radiant souls. Some may think I am bragging. I can understand that, but this does not come from my words. This comes from their teachers over the years, employers, church people, and friends. It is from a humble place within my heart that I share this message.

As a parent of young children, we are never sure that how we raise our children will produce the effects we desire. We just don’t know if what we are doing and how we are being is working within them. Until, that is, we see a glimmer in the junior high or high school years, and then as young adults. We observe their choices of friends, activities, words, attitude, and music and have a small sense about the direction they are headed.

This is the short version which can no longer be contained within me. Now that my boys are young adults, I know the fruits of my parenting and have gained much wisdom from this. Too many children in our country and on our planet, especially our young adults are struggling. So here it is.

My children, ages 24, 21, 21 (yes, twins) have been under Chiropractic care, specifically Network Care, their entire life. Yes, I know that I am 'pushing buttons' for some of you; like Chiropractors keep you coming for life, once you start you become dependant on care and on. I have heard them all. The bottom line is Network Chiropractic Care from birth to death makes all the difference in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life! Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis) is so gentle, honoring, and profoundly effective in reaching the habit patterns of the mental, emotional, and physical deep within the neurology.

When my boys were young they experienced the divorce of their parents, dealing with step-parents, often moving homes and changing schools, going back and forth from mom and dad’s home very frequently. They experienced dysfunction within their home and the home of their grandparents, loses of many loved pets, and seeing the world through very different views. They have experienced confusion about religion, spirituality, and overall 'how to do life.'

To most this would breed ongoing anger, depression, fear, and insecurity. To most it would show up in rebellion, poor grades, experimenting with substances, and other negative behaviors. I kept waiting for the rebellion to begin, after all that’s what our culture is used to. I am not saying that we did not have a bit of mild rebellion at times, but nothing compared to what our culture experiences.

The difference is that these boys have clear and healthy nervous systems. These boys took their situations at an early age and felt them, even became physically ill over them, and released it. They were better able to process their experiences. They gained understanding as to who they were by trusting their inner guidance and wisdom. To be more specific, they have always succeeded in school, are often chosen for jobs from their interviews, before the employer even reads their resumes and references. Their decisions are aligned with their soul. My older son is now married and has a son. He is an incredible dad and husband! These boys are peaceful, joyous, see challenges as an opportunity to grow and expand who they are. And they are always seeking ways to serve others, asking nothing in return.

Granted my boys had the benefit of prolonged nursing, not being vaccinated, eating cleanly and organically as much as possible, having 2 parents that loved them, experienced prayer and meditation in their homes, and had a diverse sense of religion, spirituality, and service to others. I don’t negate the power of all of this.

Yet even with all that, other children struggle. The one common denominator that I see among other children getting regular Network Chiropractic Care, no matter what their story, is a clear and healthy nervous system giving them greater capacity to handle life stressors, making very healthy life decisions, and being happier overall.

The core of us, our central canal, our neurology, is from where all physical processes occur, all emotions stir and our attachments to them, and all thoughts originate within us. To those with a clearer nervous system, they can feel and connect with the Divine and know they are not alone.

When we are clear at our core, when our stories don’t have a hold on us, when we respond rather than react, and when we can open our heart toward others, then, only then, will there be tolerance and peace in our homes, in this country, and on this planet.

Do I feel Network Chiropractic Care is the only answer to our prayers for a healthy and peaceful youth within our families? No! But I know that is a HUGE part of the solution.

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