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Discover the Wisdom Locked Within Your Body

Updated: Mar 11

Do you believe most of us want to live a long life, and more importantly, to live it to the fullest? As a culture, we are living longer, yet with a diminished quality of our life. We are experiencing more chronic illness, chronic symptoms, and depression than ever before.

We spend much of our life busy doing. Our internal energy is often sympathetic fight/flight. For many of us, the only time our parasympathetic nervous system (calm and peaceful aspect) engages is when we are sleeping (provided we sleep deeply). Even if our life has slowed down of recent, our nervous system may still be holding on to the fight/flight of the past.

If our body organs are primarily under sympathetic fight/flight response, it is no wonder they dysregulate at some point in time. This dysregulation can create, for example, an underactive thyroid, tired adrenals, hormonal issues, autoimmune reactions, gut issues, or blood sugar imbalances.

How is this related to my pain and symptoms?

When we experience traumas, toxins, and negative thoughts, the nervous system attempts to adapt us to these stressors. If it is overwhelming, the energy from these stressors gets stored within the body. Emotional energy is also stored. In Candice Pert’s book, Molecules of Emotions, she talks about the emotional receptor sites on every physical cell of the body. Our physical and emotional experiences run together.

Since our nerves are connected to all cells, the more distortion in the spine and nervous system, the more distortion in our cells. This can cause malfunction of the related organs and tissues. Physical and/or emotional symptoms may develop days, weeks, even years down the road.

So what is the wisdom locked within the body?

Pain and symptoms are often our way of knowing that something is not happy within us. Symptoms can be experienced at a time when our life is asking us to make a change: relationship, work, location, habit that is no longer serving us. Pain and symptoms give us the information we need to transform some aspect of us into opportunity to create a life of more joy, more freedom, and more potential.

How can I regain health and wellness once again?

Network Chiropractic Care has the answer to discovering the wisdom that is locked in our body. Its gentle touches, in a unique sequence along the spine, create peace, calm, and safety in the brain, nervous system, and body. The sympathetic nervous system resets and is brought into balance, over time, with the parasympathetic system. Distortion in the nervous system and related organs diminishes. The body and mind unwinds and releases stuck energy and trapped emotions and reorganizes us to a higher level of function.

Are you ready to be well, happy, and living life to the fullest? Or know someone who does? If so, I would love to help you unwind, and unleash the miracle that you are. You can contact me at (970) 310–9049

Please share this with your loved ones.

With love and blessings, Dr. Lori Krauss

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