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Q&A with Dr. Lori Krauss

I have heard about the great results of gentle Network Chiropractic Care, but do not understand how it works. Can you explain it simply?

Yes. With very gentle, specific, precise contacts at the area of attachment where the spine and spinal cord connect, the nervous system picks up feedback or subtle cues, and acts to recognize stress and tension in the neural tissue, spine, and throughout the body. As the brain registers safety and peace, stress and tension can dissipate or be used as free energy for further healing. Often during a gentle Network entrainment, your body uses your breath and spinal motion for this. The sequence of specific contacts acts very similarly to a combination lock. In order for the lock to open, the dial must specifically reach the exact numbers in the exact order specific to that lock. Each contact is very specific to the individual person and the neural pattern that is being addressed.

What type of conditions and symptoms heal from Network Chiropractic Care?

People who suffer from fibromyalgia, fatigue, frequent colds, flu, ear infections, urinary tract infections, digestive symptoms, stiffness, neck and back pain, arm and leg pain, shoulder and knee pain, hormonal imbalances, premenstrual and menopausal symptoms, dizziness, ringing in the ears, irregular heart beats, difficulty breathing, pregnancy and delivery of baby, colic, skin conditions like eczema and acne, unhealthy emotional reactions and responses, mental stress, anguish, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger, hyperactivity, and difficulty in school are “a few” of the symptoms that respond very well to gentle Network Care.

I must be clear about the difference between quick fix care and care that heals at the core of you…your neural system. Gentle Network Care is not a quick fix care for any of these situations. It is an incredibly effective means to remove stress and tension from the core of you…your nervous system and balance your body and mind, so that you can create the healing of these conditions and many others.

My practice is filled with moms, infants, toddlers, teens, and children of all ages in between, pregnant women, dads, single people, grandparents, college students. The people that get the most out of their care are those committed to improving their health and becoming well. These people are highly motivated and involved in their care. They don’t expect me to heal them single handedly, but rather to facilitate their own healing by “opening the doors” within them. They learn that “the doctor” is within them and that only they can heal themselves.

What type of conditions and symptoms heal from Network Chiropractic Care?

Network Care has 4 levels…or degrees of depth…associated with the work. The first level of care is where we begin. To change a habit, repetition is important. And we are changing how your nervous system responds to stress and tension. We know that your health did not decline when you started feeling the symptoms or from the last injury. This process of ill health occurs way before the symptoms are experienced. Over a period of time and accumulation of unresolved stressors (physical traumas, emotional triggers, conflicts, mental stress, chemical exposure) tension is stored in the spine, nervous system, and rest of the body and mind. So, in order to change the habit of where we place our stress and tension in our body, of the emotional triggers which create reaction (or overreaction), and of the mental chatter that drives our life, we may choose ongoing Network Care to create a change in our neurology and create new habits that are healthier for us. This first level of Network Chiropractic Care is called Discover.

How quickly will I get results and what can I do on my own to support myself during my care?

In most cases, you will feel changes immediately. In some cases, the body needs to detoxify as it is healing. This may occur as symptoms like sinus drainage, feeling tired, increased bowel movements, or feeling weepy. These symptoms typically do not last very long. You’ll let me know if you experience any feelings in your body and mind that you are uncomfortable with, so I can support you through it.

Overall, how quickly you experience results varies depending on how severe your current health situation is, how you have taken care of your body and mind in the past, and how you take care of yourself from this moment on. The way you take care of yourself will definitely have an impact on your care results.

Making you and your health a priority and keeping your recommended care schedule is critical for progressing. Also eating fresh, whole foods, drinking lots of filtered water, solid deep sleep, lots of motion, stretches, and exercise, keeping your negative, long standing, unresolved stress to a minimum, and being as peaceful as possible will all help you progress with your care.

Also, you will be coached on significant and individualized home care. I’ll be discussing this with you in more detail during your initial visit. When practiced at home this part of your care is the very best way to amplify your gentle Network Care results.

What does a Network entrainment feel like, and how can such a light touch make a difference within someone’s nervous system, body, and mind?

Its a very gentle, precise contact with my finger upon a specific area on your spine, which we call “spinal gateway.”  The contacts usually illicit a feeling of deeper breath, tingling sensation, increased heat or blood flow, or overall peacefulness throughout your body and mind.

Sometimes the things that bring about the greatest changes are those that are most gentle or subtle. For example, just a few words or a smile can turn someone’s day around. A bee buzzing around you may create lots of commotion. A Network entrainment gently opens you…your nervous system, your core…and allows healing to take place within you. It doesn’t hurt at all. It is a very honoring process.

Network Chiropractic Care is a nervous system adjustment or entrainment. Under Network Care, when enough stress and tension is released from the spinal cord, your spine will learn to self correct. There is no force, no popping, no clicking. Because gentle Network Care addresses the spinal cord tension, it impacts our mental-emotional stress, as well as our physical stress. The new science tells us that our subconscious and unconscious mind extend beyond the brain, down into the spinal cord. This allows us to release the “triggers” from situations that have provoked, in the past, an emotional reaction within us. For example, old family wounds at reunions or holidays.

Life becomes much more peaceful and joyful under Network Chiropractic Care.

What does a Network entrainment feel like, and how can such a light touch make a difference within someone’s nervous system, body, and mind?

Yes, children love their Network Care. It is so gentle and relaxing. Children generally respond very quickly to their care and parents see the results of improved health and wellness early on. Most parents say that their children seem more calm, happier, and loving while under care. Others say that the children’s level of immune problems (ear infections, colds, allergies, asthma) diminish significantly. Infants who exhibit colic, digestive problems, reflux, poor sleep, difficulty nursing for example, also respond very well to care, making early parenting so much less stressful.

On a personal note, entraining my 3 sons, 8 grandchildren, and my daughter-in-laws while pregnant with all the children has been a wonderful experience. Her labor and delivery were amazing and the grandchildren were either born at a birthing center or in a water tub at home. We have not had to deal with any major illnesses or conditions, ever!!!  

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