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NSA…A New Approach That Really Works!

By D

r. Donald Epstein

“Life changing” is not a term usually associated with chiropractic, but it is a truly appropriate description of the odyssey that began twenty-one years ago when I earned my chiropractic doctoral degree. My guideposts along the way were the very people who entrusted their well-being to my care. My experience with thousands of patients and hundreds of thousands of chiropractic adjustments has revealed predictable and reproducible patterns in the healing process that have forever changed my concepts of health and wellness. (See 1994, The Twelve Stages of Healing, Epstein, Donald M., New York Library)

As use of my Network method of chiropractic evolved and became widespread, so did word of the profound changes associated with it. “Network Chiropractic” stimulated the curiosity of the academic community, particularly scientific researchers at the University of California, Irvine. Their recently completed study of Network results is believed to be the largest ever to address such a broad spectrum of health and wellness indicators. This pioneer project has prompted additional studies and articles in peer-reviewed publications.

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