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Since starting Network Care with Dr. Lori, my shoulder pain is better, I sleep well, my mind chatter is much less, and my knees feel good. I am feeling so much better. Thank you!!!
J.S., Prescott, AZ


I have been more aware overall. I feel more alert at moments than before. On occasions it has been easy to express what I think, feel, and want… with more ease. I have had more time within myself.
N.B., Sedona, AZ


Before starting Network Care, I experienced ten years of difficult breathing. Since starting care, I can bend over and stand up again, without huffing and puffing. I can walk uphill and downhill easier. I am off all medication for this breathing issue, as well as off all medication for symptoms of GERD. And I am learning to appreciate the processes that have made me what I am.
B.S., Prescott, AZ


I have lost a couple of pounds, feel slimmer, and feel better with Network Chiropractic. I am more hopeful for the future. I had ankle problems, yet feel my ankles are stronger and I am able to do gentle Tai Chi. I feel like my posture is better. Hiatal hernia symptoms I was experiencing feels better. And I am sleeping better.
J.G., Astrologer, Cornville, AZ


After low back pain for decades, living on pain meds, and still in pain, I started Network Care with Dr. Lori. I feel old, limiting energy starting to move around…physically and emotionally. My back pain overall is getting better. I am off all of my medication and I am doing more things. My husband is happy that I am doing something that is not just masking my symptoms.
J.S., Sedona, AZ


“Reba was having trouble focusing in school. She also was struggling with emotional connections with her peers and herself. Every spring she would suffer what appeared to be allergies…runny nose, cough and stuffy head…for a month or so solid. She has always been active and suddenly she had foot tension as she was growing. At times, she would be cranky and distressed, couldn’t sleep, etc. Although, she was generally happy, she would benefit from some support.

Today, three years after beginning Network Chiropractic Care, she is a vibrant, focused and calm teenager (soon to be). She has entered puberty quietly and very much aware of what is going on in her mind and body. She has straight A’s in an honors IB program. She has a ton of friends and loves school and seeing those friends every day. She is very focused in school and organized in her thoughts and actions. Her athleticism continues to increase as she has dedicated herself to ice skating, volleyball, soccer and track. All in all, Reba is a very happy, healthy and well-centered individual. Her spring “allergies” no longer are evident and in general, she is rarely feeling unwell. And when she is out of balance, she quickly regains balance. Network Chiropractic Care is the best gift a parent can ever give a child!
Harriet Hogsette, Mom

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